Warwick, Young & Maclean

Announcing a new partnership with songwriters Warwick, Young & Maclean.

Warwick, Young & Maclean were approached to write a song by the War Horse Memorial team after a recommendation from a platinum selling artist. They were asked to write a classical crossover song telling the story about a horse going into the battlefields in World War 1, and to describe how the horses must have felt.

The result was a moving, emotional and poignant song called “To Glory” which tells the story of the horse and its fear, its bravery and its loyalty to its trusted human comrade. The thought provoking lyrics, together with a beautifully crafted orchestral piece, provide a song that pulls at the heart strings, and pays tribute to the horses, mules and donkeys that worked the frontline together with the soldiers.

Warwick, Young & Maclean have also been asked to write a song to commemorate horses and their bravery in time of war to co-inside with the new National Purple Poppy Day on August 23, 2018. This song is both emotional and moving, remembering and paying tribute to those animals that gave service and sacrifice.

Grahame Maclean is an experienced and respected Composer, Conductor and Arranger having worked with many well-known orchestras and film and television companies. Originally Classically trained, he spent several years as a theatrical writer when he wrote the award winning musical ‘Cheers Mrs Worthington.’ He was then invited by the BBC to write and conduct drama and documentary and later worked for all the main TV channels in the UK. Other orchestral writing and conducting credits include: The London Philharmonic Orchestra, the BBC Chamber Orchestra, the BBC Session Orchestra, the London Session Orchestra, The Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra, The Millennium Orchestra, the Thames Session Orchestra and many other television session orchestras. In 2002 he was commissioned to write the finale for HRH The Queen’s final appearance in her Jubilee year, which was performed by the Halle Orchestra. He was presented to HRH The Queen after the performance, and has been invited to Buckingham Palace on several occasions.

Adrian Warwick is a songwriter, lyricist and poet signed to North Star Music Publishing. His work includes writing for classical crossover, country, ballads and MOR. He wrote the lyrics and melody for the 2015 Help For Heroes single, “I Wonder Where He Is Now” sung by Gary Chilton, the former lead singer of the platinum selling group, The Soldiers. The song received fantastic critical review from both broadsheet and tabloid music critics. Adrian continues to co-write as Warwick and Young and with Warwick, Young & Maclean, whilst also contributing to lyrical and melody writing for other artists signed to North Star.

Mark Young is an established pianist/keyboard player and songwriter. Having enjoyed a career which included two years in Nashville, touring with Suzi Quatro around the Asian Pacific including Australia, Mark teamed up 10 years ago, with Adrian Warwick to write songs which includes writing for classical crossover, country and ballads.

It is planned for the song “To Glory” to be released this year as a single to celebrate both the unveiling of the Memorial and the 100- year anniversary of the Armistice. It is also planned for the song “A Million Tears” to be released in association with the Purple Poppy Appeal.

Warwick, Young & Maclean
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