Edinburgh Riding of the Marches

The Edinburgh Riding of the Marches 2018.

We are delighted to have been invited to take part in this year’s annual Edinburgh Riding of the Marches.

Taking its roots from the historical Common Ridings of Scotland, 280 horses will navigate the ancient Royal Mile on Sunday, September 16 2018. This spectacular cavalcade is a re-enactment of the return of the Captain of the Trained Band (responsible for keeping order within the City) to Edinburgh with the tragic news of defeat at the battle of Flodden, in1513.

The event spans over the course of an entire day with a morning chase around the outskirts of the City boundaries, taking in stunning views with exhilarating gallops.

The afternoon section culminates in the Civic Procession, led by a pipe band, up the Royal Mile. Several thousand spectators will gather at the Mercat Cross, which stands in Parliament Square next to St Giles’ Cathedral, to watch the official declaration. It is then that we will present our final horseshoe to the Lord Provost, Councillor Frank Ross. The other three already gifted to the Lord Mayors of Belfast, Cardiff and London to remember the service and sacrifice that horses – and the men and women who looked after them – gave in the First World War.

Edinburgh Riding of the Marches

The itinery for the day is as follows:

We attend the civic reception in the city chambers at 1400 – 1500hrs
We process with the Lord Provost’s party to John Knox’s house around 1510hrs
We process with the Lord Provost’s party in front of the main cavalcade to arrive at the Mercat cross for 1600hrs
The main ceremony will last from 1600hrs – 1620hrs
We attend the claret toast reception at around 1630hrs

Photos first published on edinburghspotlight.com.

Edinburgh Riding of the Marches
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