Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey.

Saturday, October 27, 2018.

St Margaret’s Church beside Westminster Abbey has today hosted a project with various partners, including the Army Welfare Service Community Support, to commemorate 100 years of the end of The Great War, entitled Remembering 1918.

The Dean and staff at the Abbey invited the service families and personnel to contribute to this very special event, and we were privileged to be invited along to help remember the animals, in particular the millions of horses, mules and donkeys who served.

Horse’s head using horseshoes and used our purple poppy pin badges for the eyes.

Farrier Lance Corporal Rhys Crimmins of The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (pictured below) created a horse’s head using horseshoes, and used our purple poppy pin badges for the eyes. The organisers decided to call the statue Dandelion, as this is the name given to military children. Community Support groups in the area made purple poppies to thread onto the sculpture, and members of the public were also invited to join in.

Farrier Lance Corporal Rhys Crimmins

Dandelion will be displayed outside the Guards Museum, Wellington Barracks until Christmas, and we have loaned our garland of knitted poppies, which adorned the Horse Memorial Poppy in Ascot.

Zoe Larkin.

An Act of Remembrance Service took place at 12 noon, and throughout the day members of the Household Division Band performed as well as Military Wife Joey Dixon (QMB SFA). There were tours of the Abbey and a performance of the M*O*D Unknown Warriors Funeral. This remembered the team of six horses called “The Old Blacks” who all went to the Great War and survived. They were given the honour of pulling the carriage with the body of the Unknown Warrior to his final resting place at Westminster Abbey.

Westminster Abbey
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