Trooping the Colour

Trooping the Colour.

Colonel’s Review Saturday, June 1st, 2019.

Once again War Horse Memorial was invited to the annual dress rehearsal for Trooping the Colour by The Household Cavalry Foundation, one of our chosen charities. The Colour being trooped was presented to 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards by Her Majesty The Queen in 2010. The origin of the pageant dates back to the Middle Ages when each lord or baron flew his banner as a sign by which his followers could distinguish him. As more flags were created they assumed a diversity of hues and came to be called ‘Colours’.

They also carry battle honours – the names of places where a regiment has fought with courage and distinction – and, as such, they serve as a reminder of hard-won victories, great sacrifice and the loss of comrades. Today’s parade was reviewed by HRH The Duke of York, Colonel of the Grenadier Guards before a crowd of several thousand spectators and in sweltering heat, which saw two guardsmen feint. The immaculate display reflects exhaustive rehearsing, often on the deserted night time streets of London, as well as tireless and meticulous preparation of the dress and equipment of soldiers and their wonderful horses. The Queen is expected to take next Saturday’s parade as part of her official Birthday celebrations.

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