Lathom Park

Lathom Park.


This monument, recently unveiled, acknowledges the very first Remount Depot ever established for a war footing, of any war, or any era. It was to be the benchmark of the other three major establishments destined to follow – Romsey, Avonmouth and Swaything. Local historian, Richard Houghton, whose original concept it was to build a lasting local memorial to recognise the power and versatility of the horses, mules and donkey’s and the part they played in the Great War, says a staggering 330,000 horses and mules passed through the green pastures of The (Ormskirk) Remount Depot, often referred to as Lathom Park Remount Depot, which was operational between October 1914 – early 1919.

Lathom Park memorial.

The site also remembers the role that dogs and pigeons also played in helping to secure the democracy we all enjoy today. The motif, which was sculptured from an original hat badge, stands adjacent to what would have been the access into the depot as of October 1914. The lane beyond is the route back to Ormskirk Railway Station, the off-loading point from which the animals were driven on the ‘hoof’, and later a railway line was built so they could be taken directly into the depot.

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