Nigel Allsopp – President of AWAMO

The Australian War Animals Memorial Organisation– and our Special Ambassador has just sent this message which we wanted to share with you all. It concerns an adapted silhouette of our War Horse, Poppy. Nigel has been working hard to replicate our Memorial in Australia to remember the service and sacrifice of the animals that went to war in WW1. And his efforts have paid off. We never doubted it. Nigel is a force of nature and is dedicated to the cause. We have both learned from and been inspired by him as our Ambassador and friend.

Dear Friends, it has taken a bit longer than I had thought due to council requirements, etc. Now,finally, I have the home for the official Australian Silhouette war horse.

After several meetings with the Mayor of Toowoomba, I can confirm that this city, which was the main hub of transporting war horses to Europe in WWI, will be home to this important memorial. It will be erected right in the middle of town, in a wonderful garden between the Town Hall and City Art Gallery, where thousands of people will view it daily.

A local artist will manufacturer it and my organisation AWAMO will pay for it. It will be lit up at night with purple lights. We have no name for it yet. We are thinking we will ask our schoolchildren to choose. I have included old photos of the stockyard used in WWI, which although now not there now were about 500m from where the silhouette statue will go.

Nigel Allsopp – President of AWAMO

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