Blue Acre Horse Rescue

Trustees and volunteers for the Ascot-based charity have taken delivery of a new horse trailer courtesy of a generous benefactor and War Horse Memorial.

Blue Acre co-founders and volunteers attended our annual dinner, at Cowarth Park, Ascot and we put the spotlight on the charity to highlight the wonderful work they do.

Veanne Filkins, volunteer and Trustee gave an emotional presentation, outlining the need to raise enough funding to purchase a new horse trailer to replace a rather decrepit one.

During the presentation Adrian Baker, one of the guests, said that he would like to personally fund the purchase of a trailer for Blue Acre. The team were totally stunned and overwhelmed by this most generous offer. Sue Turner, Fundraising Manager explains: “We are a small charity, unused to being in the spotlight or to receiving such huge gestures so this had everyone in tears. On the back of this we were given several monetary gifts and Adrain has also given us a regular, monthly amount for feed and bedding, which has been an absolute lifeline with winter coming.The trailer will enable us to undertake rescues safely but also to transport some of our young volunteers and the ponies they work with to local shows, demonstrating the work we do with both horses and young people and highlighting the successes we have with our sometimes very troubled and broken rescues.”

Bob Regan with ‘Crazy Maisie’ the mule

Blue Acre Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre was started in 2002 by Caron North and Bob Regan, with one horse (whom the centre is named after) a lot of determination and passion. It operates on a 42 – acre farm in Old Windsor. At any one time Blue Acre cares for around 40 horses, several rescue dogs, chickens, ducks, two goats and newest arrival Madam Polly the Pig. Any animal is taken at a moment’s notice and the team work hard through rehabilitation to help regain trust, with the goal of helping animals find happy ever after homes.

Blue Acre Horse Rescue

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