Hero Horse No 3 – The Horse With No Name

This is an unusual nomination and comes from Norfolk. The artist who crafted the sculpture wishes to remain anonymous, and both he and the horse have “no name” akin to the grave of the Unknown Soldier, with its eternal flame.

He is nominated by Nigel Cushion, who says…

We often see him appearing all around our village and surrounding villages on the north side of Norwich, Norfolk. He is always moving around. He brings huge delight, fun and thoughtful provocation to tens of thousands of people a day. He is a bit of a mystery.

I was talking to bloke in the village and he said of “Our Horse” anonymous, alone, proud, silent, representing millions of brave lives, all gone, all with names.

He’s standing right now up at the airport roundabout, head to the wind, deep in thought, totally alone. Wild, tame, no one knows. Where he came from, where he’s going, no one knows.

What’s he doing there? How was he made? Why was he made? Who gave permission? Has he got permission? Who paid for him? Could he be stolen? He’s a wild horse, huge, proud, alone and unpredictable, unnamed and silent and means different things to different people … he moves around unexpectedly.

Seeing he’s gone is as impacting as seeing him appear. It’s like when people die. Our brains take a while to assimilate we aren’t going to see them again and meanwhile half expect to. Millions of people killed in conflict left that impression with loved ones. Many years later, some still do. ‘I keep expecting him/her to come through that door.

I can’t remember an animal of any type have a greater impact on the lives of so many in our community. He is a life-like wonderful artistic sculpture of a horse, but it is his character, and its what he means to people, that is of most interest.

Nigel Cushion – Chair/NED, Mentor, Author, Speaker, and Founder of Nelsonspirit – nigelcushion.co.uk

Hero Horse No 3 – The Horse With No Name

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