Hero Horse No 16 – Patrick

We welcome the first Shetland pony into our stable of 100 Hero Horses.

The Petrakis family, who he lives with, say the reason they would like to nominate Patrick is because he is helping so many people who are self isolating during these difficult times, with videos of him on his adventures around the beautiful settings of Cockington Village in Devon.

They tell us “Patrick is a registered miniature Shetland, and his true pedigree name is Twana Patrick. He is only seven hands high and was born on St Patrick’s Day and is just two years old.

Patrick is training to become a therapy pony to help those with disabilities, mental health and those in need. He has a lovely calm temperament and is very sensitive.

Patrick will also be staring in his own children’s books about his adventures in Cockington.”

His best friend is Annie who became our first horse Ambassador and the two are pictured here.

The Petrakis family aim to get him a horse transporter so he can visit people far and wide to spread happiness.

And they tell us that when lockdown is over they would love Patrick to attend War Horse Memorial events and concerts; we would love that too.

In these challenging times of COVID- 19 and lockdown, for many vulnerable people Patrick is a ray of sunshine. We’ve said before heroes come in all shapes and sizes and we think tiny Patrick has earned his place in our hall of fame.

Hero Horse No 16 – Patrick

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