Wearing their poppies with pride

With only a few days to go until the first National Animal Day – and despite COVID-19 restrictions – sales of our purple poppy pin badges and knitted poppies are flying off our virtual shelves… and there’s still time to get yours as we have extended our campaign until early Autumn. While we remember horses, mules and donkeys with our purple poppies you have reminded us that over two world wars tens of thousands of dogs and cats also perished. Their contribution and sacrifice was immeasurable, and yet little is said or done to commemorate the role they played – at home and on the battlefield. To redress the balance, In Edinburgh on Friday the Lord Provost of the City, Councillor Frank Ross will visit the statue of Greyfriars Bobby, Scotland’s most famous and faithful dog to tie a knitted purple poppy on his metal collar, and the statue of Dick Whittington’s cat in Highgate, London will also get the purple poppy treatment when two of our lovely volunteers do the honours for us. So, as we wear our purple poppy pin badges with pride, we hope that you will show your support for ALL animals by honouring the service of animals in war to help us provide a lasting legacy for animals in need. You have asked us to provide knitted purple poppies that your beloved animals can also wear and, thanks to kind-hearted knitters from across the UK and the Commonwealth, we are able to offer three sizes suitable for equines, dogs and cats. Check out these poster boys and girls modelling our knitted poppies – and visit our SHOP to find out more.

Our grateful thanks to Arwen, Biff, Caesar, Casper, Eve, Patrick, Topaz and Ollie.

Wearing their poppies with pride

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