Julie’s lockdown poppies

Julie Hillier got in touch to say our National Animal Day, to remember the service and sacrifice of animals in war and support animals in need, had inspired her to paint these beautiful purple poppies for us. She explains: “I’m not very exciting! I am a total novice and amateur! I live in Hampshire. I’ve worked all through lockdown in pharmacy delivery and picked up the paint for the first time in my life only a few weeks ago as a stress reliever really! I’ve always had a passion for animals and their welfare. I’ve been veggie for 34 years and I’m involved with dog rescues….mainly Spanish. I have two of my own and I foster them too. I went up to the Animals in War monument, in London, a while ago and laid a purple poppy wreath. I was very moved by it. I’ve called the picture ‘Ascension’ as the little dots represent all the lives lost ascending to a better place.”

We at War Horse Memorial were so delighted when Julie donated her watercolour to us to raise funds, and as soon as we are able – and we are allowed to stage events again – be sure Julie that the money we raise from your wonderful painting will be put towards supporting our good causes.

Julie’s lockdown poppies

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