War Dog Baldrick remembered

Ex- serviceman Allan del-llano, who lives in Beverley in East Yorkshire wanted to share this photo of him with his team mates and a dog called Baldrick, a tiny terrier with a big heart, who he remembers with the fondest of memories.

He tells us; “When I served with 321 EOD Bomb Disposal Squadron in Londonderry, in Northern Ireland, we had Baldrick, a great dog that accompanied our team . This was 1992 at, as some would say the height of the troubles as the ceasefire came in about 1994. Baldrick was a friend of all the team and great company for all the lads. I looked after him only a short while but I would like to remember him by the purple poppy. From what I know Baldrick was a bit of a legend with the teams in Londonderry . He loved the surgical gloves being blown into balloons and he was retired with a member of 321 EOD. Around Remembrance Day I meet with fellow veterans at our breakfast club here in Beverley, and this year I’ll be wearing my purple poppy to think about Baldrick and other service animals of war.”

Were you part of that team with Allan and Baldrick? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

War Dog Baldrick remembered

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