Patrick the Pony in the news

Our wonderful Shetland pony mascot, Patrick, has been getting himself on TV this week… The BBC cameras were there to record how his training is progressing as he works hard to become a therapy pony. The challenge was to ride on a bus without getting nervous or frightened and, as you can see, it was a walk in the park for this little star, who is owned and loved by our War Horse Memorial Ambassadors, the Petrakis family in Torquay…

In pony therapy, equines (horses or ponies) provide psycho-social, emotional and physical benefits for a variety of people. This proves especially valuable when working with vulnerable groups of children and adults, including those with a mental or physical disability, young or elderly people.

Ponies are sentient beings, and have a special emotional intelligence and tend to mirror humans which can teach us a lot about ourselves, and can bring a variety of benefits. Some ponies are particularly good in indoor locations such as care homes and hospitals, while others help teach children and adults to ride or drive. They can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve self esteem, confidence and trust, release endorphins – which is particularly good for people who are depressed or lonely – and, the best therapy of all, bringing happiness and a smile!

Patrick the Pony in the news

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