It’s Love on Christmas Day… A new single to bring some festive joy

With Christmas fast approaching, people more than ever are in need of some re-assurance and love… coronavirus, lockdowns and lack of human interaction with loved ones, friends and family, has left many people feeling, lonely, anxious, unsure and vulnerable.

With this in mind, Adrian Warwick and Mark Young, well known to us at War Horse Memorial as the songwriters of our beautiful and official anthem A Million Tears, sung by the acclaimed soprano Christina Johnston, have composed a song…

It’s Love on Christmas Day carries a simple but important message that in times like these love conquers; just simply being able to hear the words from someone, “I love you,” or to kiss or hug someone special, can make all the difference.

This song is to be released on December 4 and features vocalist Keedie Estelle, who had a recent number two UK chart hit with Duncan James from the band Blue.

The duo say they chose Keedie to join them on the track on hearing her wonderful vocal performance on the song My Reason for the Andy Garcia film, Modigliani. Adrian explains: “Her voice is amazing, strong with a beautiful warm tone. We contacted her about appearing on the track, and on hearing the song she was keen to be involved.

Keedie adds: “This is a beautiful heartfelt love song supported by a truly magical video, which portrays the feeling of love and how it the most beautiful gift we can both give and receive. I believe it will resonate with everyone in these strange and difficult times. It’s a song that promises nothing but the simple gift of sincere love on Christmas Day.”

It’s Love on Christmas Day is available to pre – order now, with the official launch of the single December 4, 2020.

Available now for pre-order here …

It’s Love on Christmas Day… A new single to bring some festive joy

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