Simon lights up Little London

Our great friend and Ambassadors have been busy over recent weeks and despite lockdowns and COVID 19 restrictions to help us and we can’t say thank you enough!

Simon Greaves created this magical Christmas lights show in the front garden of his home in Little London, Hampshire and raised £60 for our Animal Purple Poppy Fund. Kind hearted villagers and passers-by enjoyed the spectacle and were happy to make a contribution to help us support our good causes. Little London is a village situated between the North Hampshire Downs and the gravel plains of the Kennet valley, seven miles north of Basingstoke and 15 miles south of Reading. It is home to a silhouette of the War Horse Memorial’s logo, and was dedicated on August 23, 2018. It has become a focal point for the village and given its name to a locally brewed ale. The horse has been named Arthur in honour of Arthur Pearse, a villager who lost his life at Mons one hundred years earlier, on August 23, 1918.

Meanwhile, we have to say a huge thank you to Mary Elizabeth Donoghue from London who has donated a massive £800 to our Fund; Anne Musgrove, from Durham who sold pin badges for us and raised £180; Kirk and Hannah Petrakis who topped up their £1,150 contribution with another £165 and to Mandy Hicks from Cotswold Wildlife Park, in Burford, Oxfordshire who over the months has knitted beautiful purple poppies for us – many of which have been modelled by the wonderful animals lucky enough to call this haven home. Mandy has created this Christmas card masterpiece and also donated £50 and has knitted another 50 poppies to start us off in 2021. Thank you to them all – and to you our lovely volunteers and supporters for all you do for us. Please send in any outstanding donations when you are able so we can help struggling organisations over the winter months. A very Happy and Healthy New Year. Much love from Alan, Susan and Margaret xx

Simon lights up Little London

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