More Walk for War Horse adventures

Scotland’s donkeys did us proud and braved the poor April weather to Walk for War Horse, to raise funds for animal sanctuaries struggling to cope because of the pandemic. This very photogenic donkey, six-year old Hamish, owned by Annabelle and Jimi Troup, walked with children Daisy (10) and nine year old Isabella along with the family’s other donkey, Isla. The Troups live in Lumphanan, in Aberdeenshire, and were joined on their treks across the beautiful countryside near their home by Cody the pony, who is owned by Annabelle’s mum Diana, and covered 80 kilometers over the month.

Grateful thanks to them and to Claire Armet, who lives in Heriot, in the Scottish Borders. She walked with her three donkeys Baxter, Jools and Lexi and tells us Lexi managed 10 miles, Jools eight miles and Baxter a respectable four miles. Claire sent us photos of Lexi meeting her friends Alastair & AP with Alison Robertson, and of Jools admiring the countryside in the Scottish Borders. The image above of Baxter recovering from his exertions with his friend Rosie says it all!

More Walk for War Horse adventures

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