Animal Purple Poppy Fund 2021 has launched – please help animals in desperate need

Today we launch our Animal Purple Poppy Fund 2021. We have chosen June 8 to raise money for animals in need as it was exactly three years ago that Poppy our majestic war horse memorial was unveiled in Ascot.

Fittingly, our emblem is a purple poppy and already an army of Ambassadors and volunteers are busy placing boxes of pin badges in their local garden centres, supermarkets, pet stores and equine centres. They sell for a suggested donation of £2 (if you buy from our shop £1 is added for postage and packaging). On request, we can offer knitted poppies of various sizes for horses, dogs and cats too, for a donation of £3. Please visit our shop by clicking here. If you have a charity that could benefit from our work, or you just want to get involved, email Margaret at

This has been a tough year for many charities and organisations, but we are delighted to report that we have grown our volunteer base and made new partnerships with wonderful animal organisations. Just as importantly, we have renewed old, valued friendships with charities that have been with us from the start. Everyone is eager to get involved, including Brooke Action for Working Horses and Donkeys, Mane Chance Sanctuary, World Horse Welfare, Blue Acre Horse Rescue, The Horse Trust, Donkey Breed Society, Cotswold Wildlife Fund Conservation Trust and Edinburgh March Riding Association. We are also working with Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, in East Sussex, Greyhound Rescue Wales and Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre, in Cheshire. We hope to announce more partnership working over the coming weeks and months.

DONATE: £5 a month will buy antibiotics for rescue dogs fighting an infection

In these uncertain times many of you have been asking how you can help us raise money to support our good causes. Our usual fundraising events are on hold or postponed, but there is one way that you can help. Please consider making a monthly donation to The Animal Purple Poppy Fund. A regular income means we can plan ahead and commit to long term projects; It means our charities know they can rely on us and it will help us invest in their future. Many are struggling to survive and the lives of animals they care for could be at risk. Throughout the years – in peacetime and war – animals have been there for us. Now more than ever they need our support.

Animal Purple Poppy Fund 2021 has launched – please help animals in desperate need

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