Virtual Calendar launch on World Animal Day

Today (October 4) is World Animal Day, and the ideal opportunity to launch our virtual 2022 calendar to celebrate the horses, donkeys, dogs, cats and numerous other living creatures who enrich our lives whether as pets or working animals. It’s so simple… We want you to send us your photos so, on the first day of each month next year, we can feature your special friends on our website and social media channels. You might want to theme your pictures to take account of the changing seasons and holiday celebrations (Christmas, Halloween, Easter); it’s entirely your choice. All we ask is that you share some details about yourself and your featured animal and why they are so special to you – Oh, and make sure they’re wearing a knitted purple poppy to show support for our Animal Purple Poppy Fund. If you haven’t got yours yet please email or visit our website (SHOP) at

We chose World Animal Day to launch because it has a mission to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe. The idea is to encourage animal welfare organisations, community groups, youth and children’s clubs, businesses and individuals to organise events many countries, with no regard to nationality, religion, faith or political ideology. The lives of animals are profoundly affected by the actions of individuals, businesses, and nations. It’s therefore essential that, as sentient beings, their rightful status as recipients of social justice is established and translated into effective animal protection. World Animal Day, supported by 73 countries across the world, embraces all animals and the unique concerns of each, in every country, and hopes to highlight the plight of animals. mobilising those who care into a global force to make the world a better place for all animals.

Virtual Calendar launch on World Animal Day

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