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The poster boy for our February virtual calendar is Colin, who heralds from the Northern Region of the Donkey Breed Society.

Society Secretary Sarah Booth, who nominated him, explains that Colin belongs to mother and daughter team, Olwen and Liz Brown, who have been members of the Donkey Breed Society for ages! Colin is sixteen, which is relatively young for a donkey as they can live to around 40! He has, however, taught many members to ride and drive as he is accomplished at both disciplines and has won many showing and driving accolades. Furthermore, he gives confidence to people with various life challenges and is active in all manner of events in his local community in the High Peak. He is also absolutely brilliant with small children and is the Northern Region Juniors’ mascot – having his own column in our Northern magazine, Asspire! Everyone loves and recognises Colin!

We are War Horse Memorial are proud to be in partnership working with The Donkey Breed Society, which is now celebrating its 55th anniversary, having been formed originally as the Donkey Show Society in 1967. It was renamed Donkey Breed Society and granted charitable status in 1970. The first Society President was Reginald Summerhays who was highly esteemed in the equine world. To celebrate the Silver Jubilee in 1992 members took part in the Lord Mayor’s Show in the city of London with a ‘cake’ mounted on a carriage!

The Society’s aims are:

  • To preserve and improve the standard of Donkeys in general by breeding and to encourage the use, appreciation, well-being and protection of the Donkey by the general public and members of the society
  • To promote public education in the various arts and sciences in connection with the donkey and the use, appreciation, care and management thereof
  • To prevent cruelty to the Donkey and to help, including the option to provide financial assistance, and cooperate with people and societies who provide for the care and protection of the Donkey in need thereof by reason of sickness, maltreatment, neglect, lack of knowledge, poor circumstances or other similar cause
  • To promote and finance research into matters relating to the Donkey and the publication of the results thereof

If you wish to contact us please use the details below:

Registered Address
Donkey Breed Society
The Hermitage

(01732) 864414

DBS General Enquiries (Carol Morse

Colin – Donkey Breed Society

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