War Horse Memorial

Christmas Cards 2019

We are now taking orders for our 2019 exclusive Christmas cards, which are designed from original drawings and sketches based on our War Horse, Poppy, by sculptor and artist Susan Leyland. Many of you have commented on Susan’s exquisite work and her attention to detail. Hundreds of her sketches, lovingly and painstakingly drawn, translated into the bronze masterpiece War Horse, which stands in Ascot, Berkshire, as a fitting national memorial to the service and sacrifice of millions of UK, Allied and Commonwealth horses, mules and donkeys in WW1.

This is your chance to enjoy and share just some of Susan’s work with family and friends this Christmas. The cards come in packs of ten and cost £10, including postage and packaging in the UK. Rates abroad might vary.

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Please email your orders to: info@thewarhorsememorial.org and help us support our chosen charities and good causes. Thank you.

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